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NEW TO Destiny. ?

We’re so glad you’re here and we hope you’ll join us for our weekend experience where we journey together in pursuit of a full life in Jesus Christ.

What is a typical service like?
Our worship service has a casual and informal atmosphere. The music style is contemporary and upbeat and the music is led by a worship band. Pastor Jeffrey (Lead Pastor) is the main teaching pastor and the entire service usually lasts around 1hr 15min.

Due to concerns surrounding COVID-19, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, Destiny Church will continue to follow guidelines for wearing masks when meeting in person.

What should I wear?
Come as you are. We are a casual church. You will find a range of dress styles from jeans and t-shirts, to shorts and flip-flops, to an occasional sport jacket and dress. Come dressed in what makes you comfortable and you’ll fit right in.

Do I need a Bible?
If you own a Bible you will want to bring it. Our pastors don’t preach sermons as much as they simply teach the Bible. They will refer to it often – and even encourage you to mark it up as your life-textbook. If you don’t have one don’t worry about it, everything that is read from the Bible will be on the big screen for you to read with ease. We also encourage the use of media devices such as smart phones and tablets to be used during our services.  We know that there are some pretty amazing e-Bibles and resources available. Simply silence your phones please, thanks!

Our pastors typically teach from what is known as the (NLT) New Living Translation of the Bible, but other different translations will be used at times. If you have a version you are used to or prefer, bring it along. The differences from version to version are mostly minor. Having a NLT will simply make it easier to follow along when our pastors read or point out the wording in a particular verse or passage. 

Can I bring coffee into the main auditorium?
Absolutely! Our hospitality area, located in the lobby, offers free coffee. Grab a cup of coffee or water and head into the service. 

Where do my children go?
Our children’s ministry is called Destiny Kids and serves infants through children in 5th grade. All of our volunteers go through an independent background check and receive excellent training. Only volunteers with background checks are allowed into the nursery area. To check your children into Destiny Kids, follow the signs for “Destiny Kids” when you walk into the lobby or ask anyone wearing a Destiny Church lanyard where to go. Our team of dedicated volunteers will escort you and your children to the Destiny Kids Check-In area.

Parents of small infants are welcome to utilize our lobby during service where you will be able to watch and listen to the service through a tv. We do ask if your child is having a tough morning to take them to the nursery or utilize the lobby until you can return to the main auditorium. If you are a nursing mom, we even have a room just for you and your little one!

Where do I go for help once I get there?
Our Guest Services area is located just inside the building entrance. Our Guest Services team will be more than happy to answer questions, help you find the right classrooms for your children and even escort you to where you need to go. For general help, ask anyone wearing a Destiny Church lanyard. These incredible people serve on our Dream Team (Serving Team).

I have special needs. What accommodations do you have?
Our parking lots include plenty of handicap parking spaces and our building is wheelchair accessible.