Micro Missions

Est. 2010

Micro Missions.

In 2010 Destiny Church launched a new ministry called Destiny Micro-Missions. This vision had two components. First, Destiny Micro-missions would allow our church to integrate more with our community. Second, Destiny Micro-Missions would help to generate funding for future property development and other ministry for Destiny Church.

In 2011, Destiny Micro-Missions opened its first mission called Destiny School of the Arts with this premise. We thought that we could build a state-of-the-art school for children using art, music and dance, we could meet more people and hopefully introduce them to Destiny Church and ultimately to Jesus Christ. In addition, the income from Destiny School of the Arts could help Destiny develop Greenway Manor, the future home of Destiny Church.

Today, Destiny Micro-Missions is an affiliation of Destiny Church and has obtained its own 501c3 non-profit status. Destiny School of the Arts has an enrollment of over 110 students and is showing a strong annual growth rate. The school has grown from a small children’s art center to become a leading preschool and kindergarten in the Leesburg area. In September of 2016, Destiny School of the Arts will be adding first grade and will then add a new grade each year until it reaches its goal of preschool through fifth grade.

Destiny School of the Arts is housed in the amazing Greenway Manor House, an eighteenth century Loudoun County estate home. This facility has undergone a multi-million dollar renovation and is truly a most amazing home for our school.

For more information about Destiny School of the Arts, go to their website via the button below.